Our Top 5 Home Accessories to refresh your Home

Our Top 5 Home Accessories to refresh your Home

Home accessories are the easiest way to refresh and elevate your home. They provide an injection of personality and range from decorative pieces to functional items.

I’ve seen a huge increase in interior design queries, and after such a long time in the industry, I’d like to believe it’s because we now spend so much more time at home, appreciating our surroundings (thank you lockdowns).

As much as we’d love to, I'm sure, it’s just not realistic to redecorate and change up the bigger items in our home on a regular basis, but the smaller decorative pieces can be changed to create a completely new look.

We’ve created this list of our Top 5 Home Accessories that will instantly refresh your home, without causing disruption and keeping in line with your personal style

1. Photo Frames

Bring your memories to life with our range of photo frames. With most of our styles available in a choice of sizes, my favourite way to display is three sizes (4”x6”, 5”x7” & 8”x10”) all together on a sideboard or console table. If standing displays aren’t your thing, why not create your own gallery wall? No matter the size of the wall space your creativity will know no bounds. Simple and minimalistic with all frames the same size and style will give a uniformed and elegant look. But by using a mix of sizes, styles, textures and colour tones you can easily produce an effortless eclectic look.

2. Mirrors

Spread light and create the impression of a larger space with a wall mirror. They’re both decorative and practical, and offer an unmatched elegance to any room or space. If you’re looking to make a statement, a mirror with an oversized frame or multi-mirror will be the perfect choice. Looking for something more classic? A window pane style makes a great choice, and we’ve got options in varying sizes.

3. Wall Art

Nothing completes a space quite like wall art. It adds texture, dynamic and more importantly can tie together a colour palette. It creates the ultimate focal point, which in turn allows you to express your personality and inject that into the room.

4. Vases

A staple in homes for centuries now, the humble vase has moved on from its function as a storage vessel to now a more decorative piece. Whether you’re looking to house Forever Florals, fresh flowers or simply to use as a standalone display, vases are an easy way to add interest to your decor. With a huge choice of colours and textures, there’s plenty of options to introduce vases easily and seamlessly whatever your style. Or why not make an impact with a floor standing, oversized and statement piece

5. Lamps

Good lighting is essential for any home and table lamps are the perfect way to add a softness and ambience. They create depth and height, and draw the eye to the places you want to highlight. Regardless of the size of the room they offer task lighting, whether it’s for reading nooks, office areas or simply watching TV, we’ve got you covered. 

Our ever growing choice of home accessories will give you plenty of options, whatever your style or scheme. Don’t be afraid to mix colours and textures to create your own unique look, after all your home should always be a reflection of you and what you love.

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