Collection: Single Stem, Sprays & Bunches | Realistic Artificial Flowers

Beautiful accessories for the home start with our faux flowers.

Make wilted flowers a thing of the past with these artificial, highly realistic and no-maintenance options. They create a luxury touch to your home without any hassle. Perfect for anyone with allergies, or those who just love the look of fresh flowers but don't want to refresh them weekly.

Our single stems allow you to select a flower that compliments your home and style. Whether you want to have something simple, or incorporate greenery for texture and depth, it's a chance for you to get creative.

Whether you want to change your arrangement seasonally, or more often, the choice is yours. These single stems will stand the test of time, and always look fabulous.

Pastels for Spring, brights for Summer or rich, jewelled and moody tones for those Autumn and Winter months, there are so many options from Peonies and Hydrangeas to Eucalyptus, all available in a choice of colours.

Our bunches and sprays are a great starting place for an easy display that you can add to, if you don't feel ready to create your own masterpiece.

With a huge choice of options, you can design the perfect bouquet and display for every season, for every room in every home.