Glam Metal - Metallic Home Decor Accessories

Glam Metal - Metallic Home Decor Accessories

Heavy metal? No darling, only precious.

One trend that continues to captivate interior designers and enthusiasts alike, is the use of metallic accents. Among the various metallic finishes, varying tones of gold and silver take centre stage, exuding sophistication and adding a touch of luxury to any room.

In this blog post we’ll explore the allure of metallics in home accessories, and how these metallic accents can be incorporated through decorative items.

Golden Glamour: Gold is a timeless choice for adding warmth and opulence to your home. Whether you prefer a traditional, contemporary, or eclectic style, incorporating golden accents can make a significant impact 

Silver Sophistication: Silver offers a sleek and modern aesthetic, lending a sense of elegance and coolness to your interior decor. 

Here are some of our favourite suggestions for incorporating that metallic touch to your home;

Statement Lighting: Introduce a table lamp to create a focal point, and with its warm glow any hints of gold will infuse the space with radiant ambience.

For a touch of gold with rich mustard, we love this Hive Lamp or for animal lovers with an eclectic style, try this Hare Lamp with Emerald Green Shade. Silver base with fluted glass body and stunning grey herringbone shade make this Moritz Table Lamp a lustrous option for sideboards and console tables.

Mirrors: Hanging a mirror in your hallway or above a sideboard will always add a touch of grandeur. Not only are they functional pieces, but also reflect the light to make any room appear more spacious.

You know you need something on that wall but what? An art piece? A mirror? Why not the Abstract Multi Mirror? It’s the best of both worlds. Or what about that tricky narrow wall gap you’re unsure with what to place there; this Hanging Square Mirror looks fantastic on its own or place two or three together for a more impactful display

Tabletop Elegance: Adorn your coffee table, sideboard or console with metallic trimmed objects. These small touches really will catch the eye and bring an air of sophistication to your living space, pulling everything together.

A decorative tray is a great starting point for any tabletop display, and these feature a mirrored base and are available in Gold or Silver, simply dress with a candle or reed diffuser and complimentary vase for an effortless arrangement. Check out our huge selection of Vases for your perfect match. 

Mirrored Furniture: Opting for mirrored furniture with metallic finishes creates a glamorous and contemporary look. 

Our Moray Console Table and Nest of Tables ooze glamour and elegance, and with a complete mirrored finish will reflect light beautifully in any room. For smaller spaces, try our stackable tables, these Gold Nest of Two Tables feature an aged finish to the bases, whereas this Silver Set of Two Tables offer a more modern finish.  

Whether you’re looking for golden glamour or silver sophistication, infusing your space with metallic home accessories gives a timeless transformation to your home decor. Experiment, have fun and be creative with your space and reflect your personal style.

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